Paula Martínez Sosa | Why hire me?
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Why hire me?

I started working on the production line, and within two weeks I was offered the receptionist position. My English was nonexistent and although I tried to explain it (between signs and “Spanglish”) they didn’t care, they were willing to give me a chance. “We took a chance”, told me later Henri Fine, president of the company, and I accepted with a shy “I’ll try”.
I learned English on the go, and two months later I was speaking it almost fluently. I also learned how to use AS400.
The company started adding tasks to my position and I ended up doing the work of two people (and for the price of one!)
When I finally decided to return to Uruguay, my supervisor, Michele Wells, wrote me about the person who would take my place: “She has some big shoes to fill.”

I got the idea and created electronic forms, given that the company invested a lot of resources on printed materials and on the shipping of those materials to the whole country.

With electronic documents, beneficiaries had access to them directly through the web.

Result: cost savings for the organization and time saving for the beneficiaries.

I started working as assistant to the commercial manager and soon after I was offered the position of supervisor of the imports department. Zero experience, but everything can be learned!

First of all, what is a freight forwarder? A retailer of international freight. And then? How to stand out among so many companies that sell exactly the same product? Outstanding Customer Service is the answer.

That’s what we provided. The shipment’s profit increased, as well as their volume.

My motto: all companies use the same aircrafts and the same vessels. If the freighter from Miami is delayed or if the vessel hasn’t transshipped yet, they do not only have our cargoes, they also have our competitors’. What sets us apart is the customer service we provide and that is why our customers choose us.

Five years without any incidents with shipments. Its follow up was so thorough, that it was always possible to foresee any possible documentary or shipment coordination problem.

Even though the company had fifty years in the market, it did not have an invoicing system. Every invoice was issued with a typewriter, so I created such system using File Maker Pro. After this, invoices and reports were made in the blink of an eye.

Moreover, because one always has to think what else can be improved, I proposed, developed and put into practice, the idea of “off shore” sales.
Let me explain what this means: the company’s main income came from commissions paid by the represented firms. As this commissions in Uruguay are taxed by the government, I proposed the idea that the company would purchase directly from the represented companies, and sell the goods to the usual customers. The transactions were made at Montevideo’s free port, and those are exempted of any duties or taxes. We benefited from a lower buying price, and at the same time, keeping the final price that customer usually paid. As a result, our profit raised by 18%.

When I first started working at Basilio Bernat, my working hours were the usual (40 hours a week). By the second year there, given the fact that I optimized all the procedures, I managed to cut my shift down to half. The remaining four years in the company, I only worked 20 hours a week, always fulfilling my duties and tasks on time.

When I arrived to Paraguay, the company had a year in the market and there was nothing entered in the system: administratively, there were no records at all.

It was impossible to get a statement of account of any customer, and impossible to know how much was owed to a supplier, therefore impossible to reconcile a bank.

I did a full audit, looked up every invoice and entered it on the system. I got in touch with each provider and requested their statements, got a copy of their invoices and corresponding receipts and entered those in the system as well. I located each payment and each collection and reconciled six bank accounts twelve months back.

I restructured the department, wrote down new procedures (new? First procedures), and administrative costs were reduced significantly. The company was born again.

I was in charge of the administration of three companies: South Cargo (freight forwarder), Craft Multimodal (NVOCC) and Air Cargo Services (General Sales Agent of Gol, Aerolineas Argentinas and Air Class)

In 2014 we decided to move to Spain, and after a few weeks of my arrival to Madrid, I got my first job interview. Days later it would become my current job.

The company did not have an administration nor freight managing software, so I started to work to get the approval to buy one. Once I got it, I was in charge of the software implementation and the personnel training.

I restructured the administration department completely and implemented new collection and payment procedures.

I also implemented a “zero paper” policy: all documents are digitalized. This meant that not only our costs were reduced, but also it had a great impact on the time that people invested in looking for files, since documents are a click away.