Paula Martínez Sosa | About
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I believe in, and I am passionate about new ideas and in recycling and perfecting old ones.


I believe in providing solutions to customers even before they think they need them. I believe in creating those solutions.


I believe that a job outstandingly done can be achieved by knowing what, how and most importantly, WHY the company that you work for, does what it does.


This knowledge also leads to more engaged employees, and engaged employees, engage customers.


I believe in flexible hours, because some days you need to work 12, some days 8, and some days only 2 hours. I believe in virtual spaces, because nowadays you need to be in more than one place at once, and I am thankful for the Internet for making that possible!


I believe in open doors, or better said, no doors whatsoever; open spaces where a team can create and present new ways of doing.


I believe in changing procedures and trashing the bureaucracy. If something initially done in 5 steps, can later be done in 2 steps, avoid the other 3 and don’t say “5 steps is the way we have always done it”.


And what do you believe in?